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The Grainstore

Built from locally quarried bluestone around 1860, the Grainstore was used for the purpose of storing wheat, which was a very valuable commodity in the early colony. The wheat was then bagged and sent via bullock dray to Launceston when prices were good.

The building has had several ‘identities’.  In the 1930s and 1940s the building was used by the owners of a local department store, and was known as “Sullivan’s Store”

Severe disrepair saw the building almost abandoned, until it was purchased in the early 1980s, and lovingly repaired by an artist who saw the beauty of the fine workmanship created so long ago.

Ron and Helen Tweedale purchased the property in late 2004, and spent 5 years preserving the original heritage of the building, whilst re-creating it’s interior to become a beautiful contemporary home, which still maintains all of the industrial characteristics.

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